Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maria Ozawa Miyabi is a Beautiful Female

The men who like movies or bokep bokep forums like I usually do, who is Maria Ozawa Miyabi. hehehehe .... if you do know! I know have a t-shirt I LOVE any posts containing Miyabi! Miyabi is a beautiful female figures as the famous herbalist Bukanlahhhh in kampuangku ... lol! He is the top women markotop and abiz well as a lot of artists in the film bokep film. cantik banget yah mbak Miyabi this mega lose competitiveness dech ... Pantesan cowo2 love with him, I pretty bodinya section pinter gituan again. I do ngefens aja ah same Miyabi maria osawa ...
Bios following Miyabi maria osawa This:

Full name: Maria Ozawa Miyabi
Place / date of birth: Hokkaido, Japan, 2 January 1986
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Eye color: Cokelat
Hair color: Black
Blood Type: A
Orientation: Heteroseksual
Ethnic: Japanese and French-Canadian
Hobbies: Cooking, nonton bokep, and play the game

Maria Ozawa experience of sexual love or making you the first time he was still the age of 13 years (Ohhhh my god! 13 years! Age is 13 years old, Boro-Boro mikirin sex, palingan otakku contain only 'subjects tomorrow what ya', 'Main So where to? 'and' Wuiiih ... '). Doi also learn 48 sexual positions from the books he purchased himself. First time watching bokep, video watching her brother have a Have lelakinya. He can go to indistri perbokepan owing temennya I also work in the industry perbokepan.

First started modeling as Miyabi, June 2005, doi images to a website which produces some set of hardcore photos and video. Eventually he contracted by a factory called S1 ago bokep published (In shadows I: Miyabi thrown to the penis with a vertical oom2, abis mupeng face, mouth open until ngiler. Hiiiiii!) As Maria Ozawa on October 7, 2005, which means maria osawa Miyabi is still 19 years old at that time

During the work on S1, Miyabi bikin video bokep hold (Yaialah ... the selling herbal medicine, mas!). One video per month until February 2007. Is April 2007, doi appear in a video production Dasdas bokep, a subsidiary of S1. The difference is Dasdas same S1, S1 in seksualnya normal activities, eat lightly. While the brutal Dasdas rada, the theme includes rape and physical torture. Then at the end of 2007, the Miyabi sign a contract with the factory bokep entitled Attackers, who spesialisasinya in the field of yuk-ostensibly-raped.

With the long and beautiful body bohaynya, I wajarlah Miyabi so now this star among the boys. Miyabi little thrifty, thrifty diki Maria Ozawa .... Miyabi Miyabi ohhh! want to do like you! hihihihihi ... ... ...

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