Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maximised Blog To Receive Payment Quickly

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tips blog earn moneyMaximised your blog to make earn money! This article possibly was useful for publisher. That is blog that installed the advertisement in them. However, I hoped this article also useful for the beginner blog that want to publisher.

Permanently the spirit for you that still the beginner like me, because with hard efforts definitely will be successful. To become a great publisher needed the exact strategy. The strategy will be done so we become a great publisher.

To become a great publisher evidently was easy, was enough to be difficult, but also was difficult. Was easy for blogger or the experienced master, really had difficulty for blog that was still experimenting, and was difficult for blog the beginner. Approximately, I including whichever? Whether, I also did not know in whichever position. It was most important that I stayed learn, study, and ……

When the advertisement in blog already published then our hope was the visitor click this advertisement, therefore we will receive earn money. Apart from carrying out the promotion web and did Search Engine Optimation (SEO) what is the step must be done by us?

I thought this article was useful for blog with traffic the visitor seldom and possibly was not useful for blog that had high traffic or the number of visitors many.

This my experience as publisher. In one blog I presented many advertisements from four companies. That is Adbrite, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and Amazon Affiliate. Then whether his problem? That problem was to receive earn of money often needed a long time. Because the concentration of the visitor will be broken in advertisements that were published.

One day I received the visitor who quite often with the number of advertisements that was clicked was as fat as 29 cliques. However the earn of the day must be divided to three companies, with details 16 cliques for the Google Ads advertisement, 4 cliques for the Bidvitser advertisement, and 9 cliques for the Adbrite advertisement. If 29 cliques only were directed to one of the advertisement companies certainly I will be faster received the payment.

So, since this incident I broke only published the advertisement not more than two companies. This was done by me so that the earn money is increasingly big and I was faster accepted the payment.

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Nivedita Mishra said...

nice job..good article

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Mark said...

Really good article thanks for sharing bro..

Юрий Чашин said...

Good article, the theme can be continued