Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jacko and Rihanna Caught Using Songs Without Permission

Los Angeles - Jacko and Rihanna caught using songs without permission. Singer Manu Dibango African origin both to pay the copyright of Rp 7.6 billion

Legal steps have been done with Manu run the administration in court Tuesday in Paris, (3/2/2009). In the year 1983, Michael and Manu make agreements that allow the contents to use Jacko Manu song entitled "Soul Makossa".

The song to be used in single Jacko, "Want to Be Startin 'Something." Rihanna appeared to do the same. Likewise ecpassistant quoted from aceshowbiz, Wednesday (4/2/2009)

Position error is Rihanna song snippets Manu use without permission of the owner track. Rihanna permission only on the sister Janet Jackson.

Manu is now the loss of material 500 thousand euros or equivalent to Rp 7.6 billion. Manu lawyers have requested the court to do the Paris-ban against any income generated by the single. Label among the shade Rihanna and Jacko namely Sony BMG, EMI and Warner Music Group.

The judge will issue a court decision on 17 February to come. About this, no one party or Rihanna Jacko can dimintai information.

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