Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Is Tom Cruise a Sexy Actress?

Angeles is not just Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are former sejoli meet again at the Oscar in the 2009. Actor Tom Cruise is the stage bersua section so that kekasihnya, Penelope Cruz. When disapa Cruz, Cruise even confused.

According to a source, Cruz directly greet her husband when Katie Holmes was met at the pre-Oscar party. Party is held in Beverly Hills, February 20 2009.

"Penelope touching the shoulder and says Tom, Tom," said the source, such as the quotation from ecpassistant Female First, on Tuesday (24/2/2009).

Disapa time, Cruise also reverse body. He looks confused and then issued a number of words. "Oh, hey. Hi," he said so as ditirukan source.

Movie stars' Valkyrie 'ago to give the spoon doubt on Cruz. "Hug it very strange," continued the source.

In the pre-Oscar party, the Cruise comes with his wife accompanied tercintanya. Katie apparently absent because the newest film syuting.

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