Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because the issue of children, Julia Perez Caution

Julia Perez caused household. There is no rush and stopping pose pose- newest film in the fire of the jealous husband, Damien Perez. Jupe but also do not want to always be the guilty party.

Jupe_hot "In Indonesia, always the wife, if a tad wife, if there wife who also. So I should be more careful again," he said while in the studio TPI, Jl TMII Gate II, Jakarta Timur, new - This new.

Jupe requested that an outside party who does not understand the problem a lot of the household do not participate in the intervention. He still considers that the problem is the regular faces in the wedding.

the problem without stopping, making it as Jupe decline triggered home. He assesses the husband knew right job.

"I believe that food and all I can is my husband's permission, we also do not always have the same husband and I'm affraid. My husband is also working actively to know me," augment him.

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