Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clips' naughty 'Britney Spears circulating Online

Latest video clip of Britney Spears little spicy scenes' wanton ', entitled If You seek Amy, can soon enjoy the music. Announced, the video will prime circulating online starting Thursday (12 / 3) future.

britney_klip_NaughtyVirgin Mobile USA, the sponsor Britney concert tour titled Circus, will launch the promo exactly 11 hours local time the day.

The video will appear exclusively for 24 hours a day on the site Virgin Mobile USA, and and

In the video clip 'unprincipled' Britney is a role as a pie, domestic workers who put on a super sexy blonde wig ala 1950s, pink shirt, short skirt and white. Some people in the video mentions that 'highly provocative'.

The song If You seek Amy has raised a series of controversies. A number of groups of various forces radio station to not mengudarakan song. The song is considered to be rough, with lyrics that are not appropriate.

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