Friday, March 6, 2009

Electrical current from circulating video porno

Electrical current of similar circulation porno video artist Dhea Imut and media coverage about the video Dhea result in loss of access to see the world through television and communicating with the mobile phone.

Dhea_imut_Kasus_Vid_PornoBecause the mother, Masayu Chairany, felt worried to know if Dhea news, Dhea will be subject to its psychology. According to Rany, so Dhea greeting mother, her son does not know the news circulating in the media coverage concerning the fictitious and beredarnya video porno it. Surely not just for Dhea, at a very young age has made the despicable and humane does not like that.

"Dhea may not know this and I do not open the TV in the house during the Dhea and may not hold the phone at this time. I'm afraid my child hit while he himself does not know the news, I do not know any that have been outstanding," said Rany when found Polda Metro Jaya in Jakarta, Thursday (6 / 2).

"Dhea Kasihan be very nefarious like that. It is not good and humane, but I take hikmahnya as a reprimand for me as a parent might have hikmahnya," augment him.

Media coverage about beredarnya video porno Dhea is very similar menyudutkan position Dhea. For that ibunda Dhea apologize to all parties feel that if disakiti by Dhea, either deliberately or accidentally.

"My parents Dhea as if we have a feel hurt, we apologize. Make friends all wrong if we talk or hurt us all, what my child is still too small to be like this," said Rany.

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