Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five Times Operation of breast, Jordan did not want to repeat again

Los Angeles model Katie Price topless posing like that already serve a variety of plastic surgery. Even 5 times he has been doing breast enlargement operation. But now that he cured.

Katie or also known by the name of Jordan has taken a number of plastic surgery. Start of Liposuction (sedot fat) layer of dental surgery, surgery of the nose, and five times zoom in breast surgery.

But now Jordan is no longer wish to do so again. He was cured.

"All people ever seem to do plastic surgery. It's even become a farce. Membuatku But it is aware. I do not want to do it again, and change something in wajahku," he said as ecpassistant quoted from Female First, on Wednesday (11/3/2009).

Female 31 years also felt that, after surgery, the form of face changing. Not only that, konyolnya, he felt like a face with the other women who also do plastic surgery.

"All women become like. They have the same lips, nose, and expression of the same rigid and not interesting," he said again

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