Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Isla style 'Shopaholic' Fisher

For you the Shopaholic, surely not wait to see the styles Isla Fisher stars in the film 'Confession Of A Shopaholic'. let us intip style!

Seleb_photIn the film 'Confession Of A Shopaholic' Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood, a young woman who is very curious about shopping. So mad at the shopping, every out of the house he was definitely return with a new object in his hand.

Shopaholic in general is usually a fashionista. Style of dress they often become a trend followed by many people. How following a certain style?

To become a fashionista, who should be held is the confidence. Do not be glued to the rules of the common dress.

For example, the colors in a variety of opportunities such as the Isla used in one scene. Orange hat, Cape fur orange, bright pink shirt, orange hand clutch, pink skirt and a red tote bag coalesce into one.

Another thing that must also be owned by the brave Shopaholic is different. The purple mini dress with leather boots do not seem to be a prohibition. Or you want to be more stylish, while Isla style mini dress comes with pink, purple thick jacket, orange gloves, high boots and furry pink color.

Style colorful Isla also be used in a movie scene with the coat pattern, Stocking purple, purple boots, scarf and gloves pink turqoise. Style that is not quite used to attract when Isla becomes assistant friend of one of the scenes in the film.

He combines Cape Dalmatian dog fur pattern of black and white, pink skirt clock with volume organdi piles of green and turqoise in baliknya. He was also wearing pink colored veil of tulle and shoes high Hells colored bright pink. Do not forget the white gloves to the arms he used as accessories.

Shopaholic and ready to become a fashionista?

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