Thursday, May 14, 2009

Definition, Types, and Causes Asthma

Definition of asthma

Asthma is a lung disease that causes people with chronic breathing difficult. This is because of the muscle around respiratory tract, inflammation, pain, swelling, and irritation in the channel of breath in the lungs.

Types of Asthma

Actually there are several types of asthma. Understanding the specific type of asthma you, can help you get the most effective treatment. Some types of asthma:

* Allergic asthma
* Exercise induced asthma
* Occupation asthma
* Cough variant asthma
* Nocturnal (nighttime) asthma

Asthma Causes

Asthma has increased dramatically for several decades. in the segment about the causes of asthma, "In people with asthma, respiratory tract constriction response to a stimulus, which in the normal lung does not affect the respiratory tract. Stricture can be triggered by different stimulus, such as pollen, dust, animal fur, smoke, cold air and sports .

On an asthma attack, smooth muscles of the spastic bronki and overlay network that funnels the air because of the swelling and inflammation mucus discharge in the channel to air. This will reduce the diameter of the airways (called bronkokonstriksi) and refinement of this result must exert every effort in order to breathe.

Certain cells in the airways (particularly mast cells) was suspected to be responsible for the beginning of this first occurrence of stricture. Along the mast cells release bronki materials such as histamin and leukotrien the cause: - smooth muscle contraction - increased mucus formation - white blood cells move to specific bronki. Mast cell as a material issue a response to something that they recognize as foreign substances (alergen), such as pollen, fine dust that is in the home or fur.

But asthma can also occur in some people with certain allergies. The same reaction occurs when people are doing sports or in cold weather. Stress and fear can also trigger dilepaskannya histamin and leukotrien.

Other cells (eosnofil) were found in the airways of asthma deliver other materials (also leukotrien), also causes constriction of airways. "The exact cause of asthma is not yet known, there are many who think that the following factors may cause asthma or asthma risk factors:
* The trend of allergic
* Family History of asthma
* Respiratory infection in early childhood
* Allergies and air virus infection in early childhood, when immune system is developing
* Exposure to cigarette smoke
* Obesity

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