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Video Sherina Munaf Raped?

Heard the news that there is a scene-a scene in the last day of the mass media Gosip Sherina Munaf create raped Blog inspired to write about "Video Sherina Munaf raped."

video_sherina_diperkosaStart from the idea to write any posts with the title above is the experience of late that is where many people come to the blog only with the purpose of searching for things that smell nasty.

Will the people who have come to this blog with the purpose of searching for Sherina Munaf raped Video search engine through either google or yahoo or other sites is also the news about Sherina Munaf also raped only gossip news? In other words the meaning does not clearly designate a video?

Basically not much the nasty-nasty in the brain .... just kiding (peace)

Sherina argue Gosip raped For New Album?

Gossip Sherina raped a called-up in popularity for the new album. Sherina is also disputed the newspaper.

Sherina is planning to release a new album at the end of June. However gosip Sherina be debated deliberately designed for the purposes of the album.

"Sherina fact that artists, not the entertainer," said Lucky Aryani, mother.

According to the bunda, Sherina not the typical people who like to create sensation. With the problems that the bunda also not trying to limit the bit space Sherina.

"Like most teenagers. Origin is positive. If negative, auntie would love to know " said Lucky.

Gossip about the problem, not only ibunda Sherina just do not understand that. Ibunda Gita Gutawa Derby and was upset with the gossip.

Is True Sherina Munaf ever raped?

Surprising news came from the former vocalist Sherina Munaf. He has experienced rape dikabarkan the colleagues who are also fellow celebrities.

This newspaper began beredarnya of an email from Asmirndah who have an email address:, he confessed to get email from Gita Gutawa owner email address aluna
Email Gita contains recognition that witnesses Sherina Munaf drunk and raped his friends. Next fill the email:

Email me at:

Several days ago I get an email from Gita Gutawa (, which is surprising me its contents:

Recognition HEBOH Gita Gutawa: MY OWN WHEN witnessed kak Sherina MUNAF drunk raped AND FRIENDS-FRIENDS

Here is a recognition of me, Gita Gutawa (minstrel song Kembang Virgin, my father is a musician named Erwin Gutawa) that I finally submit to the journalist with the initials kpl, mai, and erl website

I like this is the recognition that time:

This is actually the first time I know of one friend Sherina Munaf kak kak the DXRXY RXMXXO (sorry, I did not dare to show the real name to the public) - also at this time professional artist who is familiar with the movie title KXXOMPOXG). At that time the DXRXY RXMXXO kak, kak Sherina wanted to try feel begituan as already mature enough and need to know in order not to scare later when married. Then kak DXRXY RXMXXO had refused, but still I kak Sherina force.

Since most sisha suck and drink beer finally kak DXRXY RXMXXO drunk. Similarly kak Sherina conditions also drunk ........ Finally kak DXRXY RXMXXO is the first time ngituin kak Sherina Munaf before, followed by friends to the other.

Time events that I witnessed a little bit ashamed. But they ngomong to me that sex education is useful for later life when I have enough age to get married. I actually want to report the incident to the authorities but because I fear threatened by Sherina kak.

Kak Sherina threatening akan destroy my career if I dare give it to the public. From RXMXXO lah kak DXRXY I finally get the real proof for me sharingkan to the public, especially on the internet because it is not good if it keeps secret alone time.

Gen. AFTER THE kak Sherina MUNAF SO SO STRESS Finally kak Sherina meMOTONG hair crop SO ITS LIKE THAT NOW THIS.

THIS PHOTO MAY FROM MY kak DXRXY RXMXXO. Kak DXRXY PHOTO STORY IS WHEN THE PARTY EVENTS FRIENDS invented kak Sherina MUNAF ongoing. Kak Sherina MUNAF Enjoying PARTY ON DUGEMNYA suck SISHA and finally the eight beer. TIME drunk They smth AGREE MENGERJAI kak Sherina MUNAF.



Therefore FROM MY Recognition, Gita Gutawa IN JAKARTA.

This directly be debated his mother Sherina, Luki Ariani. When reporters contacted by phone, he stressed that the information circulating is not correct, and only those works purely fraudulent.

"It was a the Genesis," he said.

Circulating newspaper also assigned to this deliberately to attract attention to the film community who are new Sherina been in the near future. Which is true? We see it later.

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