Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pete Wentz - Ashlee Simpson on Support Homosexual Marriage

Couples rocker Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-wentz continue their struggle to oppose laws that forbid marriage among species in California. They both appear in an ad campaign to support the rights of each type of pair.

Pembetot Fall Out Boy bass and actress / singer that was not received with the California High Court decision that still maintain law marriage prohibition type of fellow. In fact, six months before, gay marriage was declared invalid.

And the celebrity couple is now posing for a portrait NOH8 California campaign that aims to reject the rule that prohibition.

Pete and Ashlee difoto with any posts NOH8 painted their faces in their mouth closed while the insulation to symbolize how the type of fellow supporters wedding talk is prohibited.

Months ago, they also participated in the protest in Hollywood after the High Court of California decided to maintain the prohibition laws.

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