Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo Bar Rafaeli Naked in Esquire Cover

Body section beloved Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Rafaeli is great demand for products to sell brand-specific brand. And now show the body in the July edition of Esquire magazine in 2009. Rafaeli pose bugil, challenging the body be written.

bar_refaeli_bugilRafaeli posing nude with hands covering the chest and the thigh to cover the private parts. In this magazine cover the whole body be written contents from the title of this magazine.

Rafaeli in foto also pose some challenges. Other photos that are not published will not be displayed. Rafaeli started his career as a model. Recently, he was contracted to model a clothing pool at the Sports Illustrated in 2009.

Bar Rafaeli sexy Black Bikini Design

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli is not only beautiful any time. He was also smart in terms of fashion, especially concerning the design-design. This prompted stars catwalk fashion network Hurley to create a black bikini is super sexy. The result? Do not asked.

Rafaeli before a bikini model for more ads Hurley, and he is now interested in creating his own company, the report Contactmusic.

"I am obsessed to find a black bikini the perfect, and I always look for the cool, sexy and fit with my body. Unfortunately, until now I still find it," said Leonardo DiCaprio inamorato this.

Rafaeli reason not only that. From the sale of his bikini with a price of U.S. $ 120 will be distributed to the foundation's charity for cancer, Boarding For Breast Cancer.

Bar Rafaeli Bikini-clad Chest Showcase

photo_bar_rafeli_sexyModel Bar Rafaeli a more well-known as the dashing actor boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, willing to expose breast swimwear photo session for the American magazine.

Model of origin of Israel aged 23 years could end this' heat 'in Canoun Island beach during a promotional video for Sports Illustrated magazine's special edition shirt that pool.

Rafaeli foto using the orange and white bikini, and then switch to the boss figured cobweb. Until then he berfoto topless. The duty to make a photo edition of the bikini-awaited wait is Raphael Mazzucco.

Girlfriend DiCaprio itself has become a model for the clothing pool is the magazine for three consecutive years. Model of this section is also a collection of equipment for the clothing pool Hurley and Ralph Lauren.

Rafaeli Israel itself is the first model that had been the Sports Illustrated cover star. Not only that, he also became the first model in the country who can decorate magazines Elle and GQ.

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