Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lee Byung Heon Telanjang in New Poster

Hong kong star, Lee Byung Heon released a half-naked poster for the film GI JOE. Story of this film is based story with the title of the cartoon, which depicts the earth about the threatened danger, and going tussle between the tournament against the devil.

GI JOE movie this show about the real action such as Hollywood movies. This movie poster was released on 14 July, in which Lee Byung Heon topless with the weapon.

"At first I really want to appear perfect in this film, which make me very nervous, but when the time passed I was very interested in making films and not feel nervous anymore," explained. "I am interested in the process of making the entire film."

Enthusiasts Can Jump Send a message to Lee Byung Heon

Dealing directly with the idol stars would be something fun. Sangking happiness of Lee Byung Heon fans with easy access to himself, until in-service until the website is down, because too many users.

Management of this Korean actor, BH Entertainment revealed that the actors launched this website authorized changes on Friday (23/01). The fans can write messages to be sent directly to Lee.

This website server was down, but have improved again. Fan interest is very high. Administratornya is currently on holiday. So this new homepage can be corrected next month.

Management actors reveal if this debut homepagenya made in mulitilingual, and in the settings, fans of Lee invite the world to open it.

Lee Byung Heon
Seoul, South Korea, July 12, 1970


Lee Byung-Heon started his career in the world through the role of television drama film titled Asphalt MY hometown in 1991, but when the new film, entitled Joint SECURITY AREA the record box office, the name of Lee Byung-Heon begin considered.

Ability akting Lee Byung-Heon start get headline attention when he bungee jumping OF THEIR OWN in 2001. Since the career role in the field of art, no less than fifteen films he has the big screen, including starring Addicted, A bittersweet life and Hero.

As actors, Lee Byung-Heon has been receiving many awards, including KBS's, Busan Cinemas Critics Award, and the Korean Film Awards. Since 1992, Lee Byung-Heon has achieved no less than thirteen awards in the arts the role of the midwife.

Say, Korean actors are also conversant in English, French and Chinese will be as prominent a role antagonis film Storm Shadow in GI JOE: RISE OF Cobra is scheduled to run later in 2009.

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