Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Google Page Rank To This Blog

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Google gave Page Rank from 0 (zero) until 10 (ten). Increasingly good the quality blog increasingly big page rank that was given google. So, if you blog had rank 7 (seven), significant your blog was considered had a good quality by google. Because of your page rank approached the figure 10 (ten).

As beginner of blogging, i was still embarrassed. Moreover, until now I was embarrassed put on Page Rank Widget because of being based on the calculation of the algorithm that was used google for rank this blog still 2. But after I thought, better this blog was installed Page Rank Widget. It aim was so that I always have the spirit to increase creativity until google gave Page rank that approached the figure 10

Today I say, Thank you to google that has given Page Rank 2, also to the loyal of friends that visited this blog, as well as to all the visitors. With the visit and support of you, this blog was definitely increasingly good and beneficial.

Evidently to achieve The Top Rank were still being needed Techniques SEO (Search Engine Optimation) that was great. Continued to work made the unique article, not copy paste from other web. The information is, published the article from copy paste could caused duplicate in the search engine, so as the article that you rose could not compete.


AleX said...

nice content and gogratilation about the pagerank keep going u will get to 10:).

nice said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my page:) i've also been working to increase my page rank, and the highest i got was 2. unfortunately, it went down to zero when i stopped posting regularly (sigh!). now i have to start working hard to get the rank back up. good luck to us:)

. said...

Thanks for your advices!!
Mi blog is for selling DVD series, but i think i can add some coments or news about next releases to make it more hooking =3. God Bless!