Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Great Tips From Yaro Starak To Blogger

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Yaro Starak Make MoneyAfter reading Blog Profit Blueprint the Yaro Starak work, I had the conclusion, still too many that must be studied to make blog that was successful. Much information was valuable that I could after read this ebook, one of them how promoted blog that at this time was applied by me that is leaving the comment in other blog.

The trick promoted this blog has been carried out by me for one week, traffic showed the graph rose that was significant, my assumption traffic that came still from the owner blog that I left a commented, because like usually will returned if we commented to some post other blog. In this case I held on to the principle "gave previously before received".

The other profit left the comment at a blog could develop communication that was good with the owner blog. So commented that was made not merely "at random" but tried more substantial and could make the topic that was discussed increasingly passionate.

This really helped very much, moreover that put forward this list was blog that had a high Page Rank (PR), Page Rank 5 or 7 for example. Because he said in link by a blog that had PR7 that better than in link by 1000 blog but with PR 0. But Page Rank please you investigated this matter. You will make blog personally in the number that many and gave link between one and his one, or by giving the comment in other blog that put forward the most comment, or by means of other. I gave the comment in other blog because of being attracted by the topic that was discussed and gave support to a new blogger. The other reason was to go along enlivened blog the friend (if I it was considered the friend), or the commoner acknowledged him as absent.

The weakness from this trick we must give time that enough to make the high-quality comment, but again and again we must see from the side good him, by making the comment high-quality the capacity wrote us would automatically more was trained and more was sharpened, other our communication with blogger other also will be established good. If already like this who knew us will get natural link or received the free promotion in blog that was famous.


aNOUK said...

thank you for your comment on my blog!

have a great day too!


brother_unknown said...

suggest you work with english speaker to improve clarity.

Frankie Franken said...

Hi Ousizch, thanks for your comment on our blog, and the other Grrls and I (and our Mad Doctor John, too) hope you'll keep joining us for our 31 Days Of Halloween. It was nice to hear from you, and thanks a lot!

Frankie Franken

primaveraenchernóbil said...

hi friend!
thank you for comment on my blog
i´m from south Spain ( Andaluc√≠a). You can comment all you want and pleased to meet you!

ComputerFreak said...

hi there...
I Want some assistance from your side. I edited mt blog template and now i am not able to dispaly add on
the side bar i have created and also the original one.i can only place my ads on top, Can you tell me how did you managed to have two side bars and ads on both of them.

[mw] said...


Interesting name :) Thanks for the drop by in my page. Your blog is pretty awesome too. Everything seems completely in place. Seems like you're really following Yaro Starak to the letter.

However, I was looking for your RSS button so I can subscribe to you and follow your posts. Give me a heads up if I miss it somewhere...

Again, more power to your blog!


MW from

Quezada News Network said...

Hey thanks for visiting my
I have several other sites. If you are interested in exchanging links let me know which one you like.
And many more.... lol
(I would like to know where you got the templates)
my e-mail

Good luck.

Light Keong said...

thank for your comment...
and thanks for viewing my blog...
Hope you have a ice day also

Ousizch said...

For : Computerfreak and Quezada News Network. You can download new templete that you like. Just visit and read how install it. Take care when you will change your templete. You must backup before you done.

Tom Cleland said...

Yes, thanks for your comment. I would like more traffic to my blog, but I usually don't take the time to visit a lot of other blogs.

★Jasmine said...

have a nice day! ;)

love is forgiving and compromising said...


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Grace said...

Hie, Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog, A Journey called Life (

Was just wondering, are you working on getting your blog profitable??

Just wanted to know more and exchange insights.

Have a great day!
Support you too!!!

Anonymous said...

You should work on your english, alot!