Monday, October 6, 2008

Paid The Expensive Price To A Blog

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And you just Believe that get $100/day evidently not the secret again. This secret that most look for by blogger/ newbie, and webmaster. That is, Today’s Earning: $100 Or 3000$ in a month. If might I believed evidently to get the value was not difficult, but also was not easy.

The secret was Google Adsense. I used Adsense because I had the experience, Google Adsense often has been known and could be believed, according to me capital that was needed by a little.

How to get the secret google adsense in fact? What made all the good circles that newbie like me until that the master raced mutual races to look for the secret google adsense. Because we knew google adsense had the sophisticated calculation algorithm.

Along with my method received dollar from google adsense:
  1. Made a blog in
  2. Made 5 article looked for the material in the internet, embraced so as more interesting and post it.
  3. Registered to google Adsense and was waiting for 1 s/d 5 days.
  4. Registered to Google webmaster tools.
  5. Did Riset keyword before to get kewyword with few competitors.
  6. Done Social Bookmarking to get backlick.
  7. The scrap banklink the supporter to blog blog that relevant with keyword that was scrutinised by you.
If the step above has been done by you the further step was:
  1. The routine and was arranged treated blog
  2. Always read and researched to make post
  3. was not easy to surrender and always have the spirit.
  4. Then it is hoped and it is hoped you could have gotten $100/day
The secret to receive the income this adsense, I was convinced and the optimist can be done by anyone. Including you!! So begin now, to have to not be waiting next week or next month.



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