Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Disseminator of Porn Image Ought Be To Punished

The creator and the disseminator of the site, pictures, and information that had nuances of pornography in the network of electronics, through the network of the internet, television, and the network of other electronics, was threatened with being punished.

The person who intentionally made and spread the site and the pornographic picture must be fined and imprisoned. The same punishment also was valid to the person who intentionally spread information that was connected with gambling, the insult, pollution of the good reputation, as well as information that had extortion cargo and the threat.

Because information technology was considered as the sword with the eyes of two, apart from as life means of humankind at this time, but also could be used for the act of the crime. The trade through the electronics system continued to develop, now the approach through the law conventional could not be carried out again.

The development of information technology caused relations without limit. we could not run away from the existence of the cyber world. However, the foundation of the related law the cyber world was not yet available, so as to be needed law especially concerning information and the electronics transaction.

The spreading of pornography and gambling in the internet been very disturbing. So must have the law that banned it. The law that snared people who carried out the crime of electronics, like hackers and the creator of the computer virus. Hackers that uptil now was known to be able to break down the security system of the computer belonging to the other person must be punished.

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mikemathew said...

The Disseminator of stack of these articles, I thought for a moment I was in the wrong Porn Image Ought Be To Punished business and should devote a couple months and publications to predicting the ways in which terrorists could attack. Terrorists could imitate the methodology of the Washington sniper and his accomplice.
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