Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog is not only a trend

Realizing I am a blogger who get many benefits from the blog. I mean that the benefits are many new ideas that I can publish to the public, I get the information and knowledge from the new blog friend, besides that I also have experience in the life of a friend to publish.

Initially I think blog is just a trend that will be the annual death and abandoned people. I think that the blog will not survive long. However, after I tried to dissolve in this trend, there is a change in thinking patterns.

Blog is a habit that must always be maintained. Blog culture is a virtual world that exists must be maintained. Although there is one year ahead of a programmer who found a brilliant idea, so the idea is more powerful trends of the blog to this demand, many more people. I think blogs still exist

Trends will be changed and always will be movable with the new trends. So that trends will be long memories of the past. But with the trends of different blog, because blogs will always be refined. In addition, blogs have also become a global human needs.

If until now you have a blog yet Now is the time to create your blog. Do not procrastinate or wait for tomorrow because the sooner the better. Come to think of this sperti "has a blog with the same means we have a phone number." When people need it, he will call us. Similarly, if we have a blog, there is a possibility someone will be visiting the blog when they need articles, ideas, tutorials, inspiration, minstrelsy, and others.

Let us think a simple, how do they find articles on it, although we do not give the address on their blog. When we publish an article written then automatically we will terindek in the search engines (there are tips to make it faster). So when people search for articles via search engines there is the possibility we find the note.

By having a blog means that we become useful for other people.

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