Friday, December 26, 2008

Easy to Learn SEO For Blogger and Webmaster

After successfully gain a strategic position (very good) in the Google search engine to search the words' Is it SEO '. Actually in the hearts of my very happy and feel a little proud because to get second in the, Then I try to enter the same search words on search engines Yahoo, but unfortunately the link my less fortunate and is not strategic. Nevertheless, I still hope that many visitors come through word of this search.

When I write articles with titles Learning SEO Without Pay! Is it good for SEO Blogger? Now, the keywords that I hope to have a good position, which is good 'Learning SEO'. Based on penerawangan 'Ki Joko Bodo' that Google is indexing my blog for the word search, but still less intense with it the masternya. Ah, a problem because the figure is usually less Play, a win. This is a blog that can occupy a strategic position for a search word. Now the most important for me is to keep the spirit!

Now I will be reviewing why I distinguish SEO blogger to the webmaster. To be able to better understand this article you should know what is the difference between a blogger with the webmaster. If you are interested to understand what the differences with the webmaster bloggers in general, please read first.

Webmaster is a splash in the world of web programming. They understand and control programming language. Their main job is to create a dynamic web. So, if you can create a new website that is not static deserve in a webmaster. To have more focus, in this article do not discuss my problems difference static and dynamic web.

Their ability in the programming language to create them have creative ideas for creating Web Information Systems, Applications Games Online, Make Banner web application online, widget tool, and that any useful application to other website. Because they created a web of very useful then the people who need it always came to visit their site. So this is the cause that their site is known by the virtual world. SEO they are very simple, namely, only to register the site URL in the search engine. You may ask, why can optimize their web search engine? As the number of web visitors each day, causing many PageRank their good position and always in a good search engine. What is the secret they visited people? Yes, because the web passion in the more dynamic from the static on the web.

Now I will explain how learning SEO Blogger, launched in aksinya apply SEO techniques to generate traffic blog many visitors. There are things to try and succeed. I will explain the secret in this article. Because the blog is a web that is static then you should always mebuat blog article quality, unique, original home-made, especially not a pirated copy of the source would not include the manufacturer. The more articles you write the more you terindek also blog search engine. Confused want to write what? I have tips on how to write a blog that good. Once you have a blog with your best articles, all list the URL of your site in search engines, set meta tags, and add your blog site map.

So the key to successful SEO bloggers are content, if you are a blogger so bloggers who provide benefits for the visitors. Visitors do not try to read the writing amburadul disappointed, shattered and there was no point. Create articles that can provide information, insiprasi, or scientific knowledge. I'm sure your blog is certainly a success.

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