Sunday, December 28, 2008

Improve Visitor Traffic Using Two Types of Keywords

SEO is a way that used a blogger or webmaster to the site can obtain a good position in search engines. Often, many people feel difficult to increase visitor traffic blogs without a good SEO techniques. Indeed, this technique is very useful bring the number of visitors that many. However, to run this technique is not easy for us to make instant noodle stew.

Please note that the position of blogger sites that are old, the bloggers created in 2004 with a different position site blogger who originator blog is created in 2008. Although bloggers not to use old techniques SEO but they get a good position in search engines,

because at that time still a little blog. At that time still a little competition, so that the position of the keywords they realize that without can create a good position in search engines.

We as bloggers are not quite beginners rely on paper or article published in the blog. We must strive to find the right keywords to target blog we get a good position and overcome the position in the old blog search engine. How to use the ancient old blog is no meaning if we apply this time. Because at this time to obtain a good position in the search engines have many competitors. So we must enforce SEO techniques.

One of techniques Search Engine Optimation (SEO) is determining the right keywords and Kuci said that many people in the search. Based on learning that I get from some habits extended this month, I get a little picture about a simple SEO techniques that I praktekan increase in the number of visitors through the shoot keywords.

From this experience I have two types of keywords that can be used, namely:

1. Keyword position: When we use the keyword permanent, then we must strive to find the theme of the articles that are durable and always needed a lot of people. For example: scientific articles, for example, tutorials, tips and mother, inspiration, and others.
2. Temporary Keyword: When we use the keyword is not a permanent or temporary, the keywords that you use on the current trends discussed more people. For example: celebrity gossip, information / news, video clips and the lyrics of the song is currently hits, and others.

I will give some consideration before you decide will utilize the type of keywords which you will use.

If you intend to pick keywords that are permanent, then you should consider the number of competitors and Rank your blog page. Because keywords are already dominated by the old blog, and that page has a high Rank. For example, today you are want to create articles with the theme 'tips blog. You should enter the keyword in the search engine, and then see how many there are competed. If you ignore this step, the articles you publish terindek will remain in the search engine but with a very bad position.

Shot keyword temporary actually easier. Terms of the most important steps is to run in only one, you must first get the latest info, the latest gossip, or songs that are hits. Because if you are late then the keywords you shoot will also occupy a position that is not well in the search engine.

Few of the suggestions I make blogger beginner:

1. Writing anything that has been or will we publish the exact terindek blog search engine. The more intelligent we shoot keywords, the better the position we in the blog search engine.
2. Do not make a broken spirit in writing, although the keywords that you shoot in the article that you write is not a good position in search engines. Based on my experience, every paragraph, every sentence, every phrase, and all the words that I still publish terindek dimesin search. Sometimes the word phrase that is not my viewfinder as a keyword in fact bring in visitors.
3. Make a note in the original sentence, although the idea is almost the same with other blog, but always try to make a different order of sentences.

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