Friday, January 30, 2009

Bra release, Paris Hilton So focus in London

Paris Hilton in London spread enchantment. Though only a drop in the capital of Queen Elizabeth, the Paris really intention to become the UK media headlines.

Women blond is invited to attend the event Shows Shows in a British television station. When leaving the Mayfair hotel to the studio, a former boyfriend Benji Madden wear this clothing sleeveless black transparent and short skirt. Behind the shirt, he was not put on bra. But when the weather is cold in London.

Paris_Hilton_No_BraDo not forget sunglasses great emblazon face. Visible berhiaskan mobile phone in the hands of the right diamonds and fur coat in the hands of the others do not forget to take it. But not the style that makes it so the center's attention. Kelakuannya pitch in London without a bra so that topic.

Strangely, before appearing as a speaker in front of the cameras, even switch buasana Paris. All the clothes he was wearing black when leaving the hotel, he changed with the simple white clothing purchased for 30 Pounds Sterling only.

It seems that Paris fashion-conscious black-hitamnya was less in line with himself. Paris is seen more 'old' clothes with it.

In the event, the film 'House of Wax' is also promoting the newest reality show, 'British Best Friend'. The event was made because Paris wanted to find her friends in her life.

"It's hard to find people who truly believe, after many years I know many people, their heart was not completely sincere," foreverglo Paris in the event as quoted by ecpassistant from the Daily Mail, Friday (30/1/2009).

Paris disappointment because a lot of confidential personal diumbar friend to the public by itself. "I often hear gossip-gossip about me, when I read the tabloids, I realize that there are new people terdekatku can not be trusted

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