Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Download Ringtones or Free Download True Tones

The first campaign: Every day we will give you 20 free ringtones! Time for you to get 20 free ringtones that can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone via WAP or download to your PC in the transfer with bluetooth! So why not visit our site now and come back tomorrow to download 20 free ringtones!

The two campaigns: Congratulations as you have to find our site! We hope you can find True Tones you are looking for. They only listen to the sample, and you will feel more comfortable! This site categorize various true tones. We hope this site can be more useful, more relevant and more fun for your mobile phone.

Now please select! Download a free ringtone or true tones download free
. . . . .?!?!?

Please send your answers via comment box!

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