Sunday, January 18, 2009

Receive False Information, Revenue Google Adsense Decreased

Do not easily believe the advice of a professional blogger who does not! I hope you do not make the same mistake with what I experienced three days. Google Adsense Earnings me so reduced because of my trust, which I perolah a blogger from the article.

In blogs, he said that in a blog / site can advertise two of Google Adsense publisher. If you have a site that is managed by two people then you can place ads each publisher in one site
. As an illustration in this blog managed by Suprih and Isti. Individual managers have an account as a publisher in Google AdSense. Appropriate agreement, on the column header in the tide of ad Adsense publisher suprih, on the side bar installed ad Isti Adsense publisher. So the respective managers have the possibility to obtain penghaslian.

To ensure that asumsinya in a blog can advertise Adsense from two publiher. Terebut blogger wrote that he was sending an email to Google Adsense admin. Email is a question 'What is the publisher allowed two Google AdSense ads in a blog?'. He states that already have a reply from the email delivery admin Google Adsense. In reply email they may install Google Adsense ads from two different publisher.

Well, after I try praktekan information on this blog english version of the message I get is' is currently not allowed to display AdSense Ads and is likely BANNED from Google AdSense. My blog that this is not able to display Google AdSense ads anymore, because already in the banned. While per average number of visitors to this blog has reached 80 visitor.

Fortunately my adsense account is not banned in, I just can not display ads on this blog. But can still display adsense ads on different blogs. I am happy because the account is not banned in the publisher. But I also very sad because I have to earn dollars is reduced.

At this time when you install Google AdSense ads on the blog of the two publisher account, you should dispose of one. To avoid your blog banned by the admin google adsense.

Congratulations struggle. . . . . and good luck!

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