Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Julia Perez Kiss A Women

Photo Julia Perez pose during a smooch with a girl (women) the scene in 2008 is now starting again exist in the virtual world. What causes this picture can exist on the internet is back? In this photo visible Julia Perez kissed women are blond brown. Julia currently wear yellow tank top. Besides Julia also seen intimate embrace women's shoulders.

Julia_Perez_Kiss_WomenOn March 2008, Jupe never actually said was a matter of image. "That's past, now I want to change a bit and hopefully people want to believe perubahanku," said the movie stars' Hantu Gendong Jamu '(detikhot, friday, January 16, 2008).

Julia seems fair to acknowledge that it was his original image. Julia but have good intention, the life you want to change from the past. Jupe (Julia Perez) to realize that the action he did in the past is wrong, and want to improve Jupe. He also hope that you and I can mempercayainya.

Now photos Julia Peres smooch is circulating again. Entahlah who started with the goal and whether the photos Julia, aggravate the very image of ourselves again Jupe disseminated through the Internet media. Well, now confirmed detikhot around this problem, Julia provide feedback through the SMS written, "No comments cinnnnnnnn".

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