Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turn Photo Bugil Similar Krisna Mukti outstanding

After circulating newspaper photo bugil Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari while bathing in Bali now have the latest gossip, the beredarnya similar photo bugil Krisna Mukti.Why do people have to reverse that image Krisna be so in such a way.

Next pose the engineering bugil Krisna Mukti photos circulating on the internet. In the photo seen a man of a certain kind of breast feathers Krisna Mukti similar pose. In posenya he sat wear clothing without any chlotes. Men's lift one foot while holding the tool kelaminnya.

Krisna_Mukti_BugilKrisna not respond seriously in this case. He also does not worry imejnya the terpuruk with naked photos beredarnya it. Krisna said that many have since used similar photos circulating bugil himself knowledgeable. "From first nude pictures I have been circulating everywhere, from an 90-year. I face, body else," said Krisna to detikhot when contacted by phone, on Wednesday (14/1/2009).

Krisna assume that if the image of engineering. "Well the technology is developed, most of the pictures engineering. Well, what matters is whether the original photo bugil engineering or indeed Roy Suryo pakarnya. But unfortunately it is still a problem terjegal with two beautiful and sexy women who until now still not kelar. Roy still dealing with the power of law Sarah Azhari and Rahma circulation in the case of photo bugil sarah and rahma.

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