Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Sexy Hot Pants With Jeans Ad

Lindsay Lohan stars into a jeans ad. He was posing tempt wear trousers with a sexy hot pants.

Pose is to be Lindsay Fornarina jeans bermerk Italian origin. Some pose dilakoni beloved by DJ Samantha Ronson. He put on jeans hot pants and blouse lines colored pink.

Lindsay posing with a recumbent position while the shoulder and foot jenjangnya. Shoes, high heels that are used to give the impression on the women's section 23 that year.

Not only that, also pose a few stars' Freaky Friday 'in the top of the building. With Tank, top, High waist shorts, high heels and be used in the Lindsay posenya.

In the other pose Lindsay also mnegenakan transparent shirt and dress that memberlihatkan beauty chest. Wuih .. really sexy.

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