Friday, February 27, 2009

Funky Sexy Bustier With Ala Lady Gaga

Coming performers newcomers, Lady gaga just appalling. Women 22 years successfully providing new color in the world music. However, in the fashion world, Lady gaga also attract attention.

lady_gaga_1Penyanyi beraliran pop rock that has a style that is unique in every appearance. However bustier dress is one model that most frequently use it while on the stage.

Uniquely, if usually in bustier Pair with subordinate as skirt or trousers, Lady gaga is only wearing shorts only to complete bustiernya. Sometimes he looks to jazz up select pants in a chain or a coat or hoody.

When you want to appear more closed, Lady gaga the superior section of transparent plastic, a Pair it with white harem pants. Funky and sexy.

Gown-dress having a certain unique also selected to appear at Lady gaga. Potongannya but not far from the effect of the section, unique and funky. Singer was born in New York also like to arrange hair ribbon form large vessel.

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