Saturday, February 28, 2009

Samuel L Jackson Contracted 10 Movies at Once

Hollywood - Samuel L Jackson eventually agreed to a role as Nick Fury in the film 'Iron Man'. Not only that, Samuel had contracted to appear in the top ten films to be released Marvel Studios.

samuel-l-jackson-blackAs ecpassistant's quotation from the Empire, Friday (27/2/2009), Samuel L Jackson will act as Nick Fury in Marvel movie three at once. Three movie is' Iron Man 2, 'Captain America' and 'Avenger'.

Besides the three movies, the stars' The Spirit 'that will also get involved in the seven films that Marvel released the following years. One film that shows Nick Fury as the main character, 'Shield'.

Samuel L Jackson initiated his career as an actor since 1972. He appears first in the 'Together for Days'. To this man who was born 21 December 1948 is already showing in the 122 film titles.

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