Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ahmad Dhani Believe Polygamy Practice Without Campaign 'Madu Tiga'

Ahmad Dhani circumvent campaign called polygamy through the new song 'Madu Tiga'. "I need to polygamy campaign, will also conduct its own."

Dhani_Ahmad_2009For Dhani, the songs' Madu Tiga 'dibawakannya purely as a work of art. He only wanted to create works of art that can be entertaining through the songs belong to P. Ramlee was.

"Lyrics and music unique, I know that for sure have a chance in demand," he said at the time berpromosi The Rock Cafe, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (27/2/2009).

Lagu P. Ramlee's lyrics and aransemennya little changed. He adjusts for the song dibawakannya band together with the personnel who came from Australia.

"Video klipnya already so, I see the funny. I am sure will be many people interested," he said, more and more campaigns.

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