Saturday, March 21, 2009

Children of Rahma Azhari Ask Photos Bugil Mama and Aunt

Rahma Azhari surprised to hear that their child's questions, Ocean Camilia, a matter of naked pictures with Sarah Azhari himself. Although the age of four years, is often Camilia Ocean surf in the virtual world. Rahma was also confused for them.

sarah-rahma-azhari_bugil"Just surprised I got confused and would like to answer it. Mother again at the beach with auntie. I heart the main sport. Fortunately he was still four years old, not too. With their children Sarah, "said Rahma when found in one of the private television in the Jakarta area, some time ago.

Hence it is committed Rahma who indeed want to know the distribution of the image. He did not want to upset tercintanya daughter, Rahma, and claim to live three more steps, the distribution of the image that will be revealed.

"I just want to be a good mother. That aja. Imagine if my child is grown, and browsing on the internet. I was seriously takutin. I still want to search for perpetrators, "said Rahma vibrate with sound.

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