Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sarah Azhari Seller Sex Tools

Name famous artist does not create a beautiful and sexy Sarah Azhari so proud. Moreover misused his name for things that are associated with pornography.

Sarah also confess with shame the many internet sites that use a lot of himself. According to this woman born in Jakarta, in the virtual world in the name always appears to have a porn site.

"If you clicked on Google, certain things come out negative, which is obscene. Pictures bugil, nude, the main thing I have a positive, "said Rahma Azhari sisters this time in the Constitutional Court, Jl Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Thursday (19 / 3).

A more severe, go Sarah, his name is also used for site-seller tools lust. "Who is not ashamed. People know my name as seller tools with sex show only the face and body in the seronok site. In fact I do not ever know. People menyangkanya that I sell, "sarah said.

In fact, go Sarah, because his name is so famous in the virtual world, there have been a product that interested in advertising. Products are prepared on a site advertising 'imitation' Sarah Azhari. "Fortunately he was careful, precise, when I do the same, I say if it is not the official website I am," said movie stars husband-wife husband Scared The Movie this.

With a sad tone, which is hostile to the middle of telecommunications expert, Roy Suryo add this, "I am a single parents. I honestly just embarrassed, especially daughter great start and learn the computer. I fear he diolok fun friends. I pity my son. "

Because of scattered images, Rahma feel imej damaged. He was annoyed because the disadvantaged both moral and material. Women are now so busy DJ hope that the government can immediately menertibkan sites are porn.

Woman who was born 16 June 1977 this would not victims of the many artists. "Do not be another artist to fall victim, especially the general public," Ray demolished mother of Albany this.

Sarah is now grateful to have the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE). He feels protected by the laws that apply in the near future. "I fully support to begin immediately," Sarah said.

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