Friday, March 6, 2009

Director 'Dark Knight' Recruit Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood - Stars' Revolutionary Road ', Leonardo DiCaprio to act in a scientific fiction movie,' Inception '. In the film, Leonardo will be working with the directors' Dark Knight ', Christopher Nolan.

leo_diCaprio_198As ecpassistant quotation from E Online, Friday (6/3/2009), unfortunately, time has not been able to ascertain what the characters dibesut by Leonardo. The plan will start syuting Nolan film at the end of 2009 this. Likewise detikhot quotation from E Online, Friday (6/3/2009).

Kabarnya Christopher Nolan also invites actress Ellen Page to assist in Leonardo 'Inception'. Previous Ellen success appear as Juno MacGuff in the youth film 'Juno'.

'Inception' have been used as the Christopher Nolan film heating before use sekuel 'Dark Knight'. Planned film would be released on the upcoming 2010.

While at this time, Leonardo is still involved in 'Shutter Island' which gaek been director Martin Scorsese. 'Shutter Island' shows the evil mad woman who fled from the mental hospital. Setting to take the film in 1950.

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