Saturday, March 7, 2009

Before The Wedding in Arabic, What is Cici Paramida Preparation?

Cici Paramida preparing married in Saudi Arabia. According to the newspaper Cici will dinikahi a businessman in the field of tour and travel business. Cici preparation was performed with the luxurious

cici_paramida_21Cici the plan will be married in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia later mid-March 2009. Cici and her family will also go to Saudi Arabia starting 11 March 2009 future.

As a form of gratitude, Cici and family size of the luxury syukuran, Saturday (7/3/2009) evening. Cici's house which is located on Jl Swasembada West No 6. 36, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, have been decorated to look more interesting.

The mansion is decorated with two cloth-cloth white, red, yellow, gold and brown. In front of the house also built a tent and a closed meeting room equipped with AC. Until 17:30 at WIB not appear guests.

Unfortunately there is no information obtained directly from Cici and family representatives. Overall compact closed mouth. Neighbors also many who do not know the event was held at the residence of Cici.

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