Saturday, March 7, 2009

Musicians Indonsia still demand in Java Jazz 2009.

Java Jazz 2009 to enter the day-to-2. At the music festival that took place at the Jakarta Convention Center, Saturday (7 / 3) that musicians in the country was still in demand rather than world music.

Evidenced in the space stage Soulvibe Cendrawasih 1 & 2 at 16:30 WIB plateau audience directly. Some 6000 spectators that more teenagers are willing mill. So also with the Assembly Aksan Sjuman in 1 o'clock 17.00 WIB.

Not the other, Jason Mraz appear. Jason ride around the stage at 18:10 WIB. However, the queue length to the Exhibition Hall can be seen since the previous one and a half hours. The spectators who have purchased tickets for the special show willing to get their position see Mraz in action.

But that is not an opportunity to see Mraz was back in the room Cendrawasih 1 & 2. Ecoutez! appear at 18:20 WIB. Meanwhile, other spectators witnessed disperse Kamal Musallam from Dubai, Sierra, Chieli Minucci and I Visionari from Italy appear in a different stage.

RAN and so it. Band trio's debut in the Exhibition Hall B at 19:45 WIB. Super spectators crowded but unfortunately the sound system in the arena is less steady. So that the back of the audience can not enjoy the show. While RAN act with maximum costumes brown.

Queen Syaharani & Firework seize attention in the Cendrawasih 3 and then followed by action Tohpati the menggaet Dewa Budjana space in the Assembly 2. So also at the River Maya konsernya present on Chrisye started at 20:35 WIB in the Plenary Hall. Place for spectators in the room can not enough. The stand is fully also with the festival. While still a real crowd stood outside the Plenary to hear the action while Glen from a distance.

Twentyfirst so musicians Indonesia Night in the closing minutes of the second Java Jazz show at 23:30 WIB. Visible Angga vocalist Maliq & d'Essentials down to join the band onstage spawn a new album titled 'In the Cloud' is.

Actual world musicians are scattered in the in the annual jazz. Only a eclairs, Chaseiro Reunion, Christian Cuturuffo Quinteto from Chile, from Japan and Quasimode prasana of India. However, the number of Indonesian musicians. Except for Laura Fygi that appear to shed tears when inspirit his song.

The show closed in the morning with Mike Stern Dave Weckl also feat Ron King Big Band. Roy Ayers also treat tired spectators. They play on the stage with the accompaniment of jazz fun.

This time the festival ends at around 02.00 WIB. Number of spectators both days is little more than the first day.13,000 spectators see musicians favored hunting locations and events they feel are more narrow.

Not yet satisfied with the two-day jazz musicians hunting? Do not miss the last day ya!

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