Thursday, March 26, 2009

Healthy Living: Tips for Choosing Healthy Foods

You may think that the favorite food in addition to having a delicious taste also have more energy, and can always keep your body healthy. Be careful that your favorite food is food that can damage the body.

We should select the type of food that can improve health and avoid the type of food that can increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. In addition, I also hope you can expand the perspective on life as a healthy choice.

I realize that living healthy is very important so through this blog I will also share experiences and tips on how to live healthy. By understanding how different types of healthy food and learn to use guides and tips obtained from various sources that I can trust.

Here are some tips on how to choose foods that can improve health and avoid foods that increase the risk of disease:

1. Eat enough calories, but not too much. Maintaining a balance between calories and calories Feed-expenditure does not eat more food your body's needs. The average recommended daily allowance is 2000 calories, but this depends on age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

2. Eating healthy food variety. Make healthy eating as an opportunity to expand your choices to try different types of food, especially vegetables, grains, or fruits-that you rarely eat.

3. Keep portions, especially high-calorie foods. The last few years, many restaurants, restaurants serve food with big portions. Many bid to enjoy a large meal portions. We should avoid eating the meal exceeds the share operation.

4. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and high-berkarbohidrat food, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, low fat, and cholesterol free. Try to get a fresh

5. Drink more water. Because our body around 75% is water. This is an important part of a healthy eating pattern. Drinking lots of water can help the system work the body, especially the kidneys and bladder, and to reduce waste and toxin.

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