Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nikkei Down, Hangseng Thus Go

The majority of regional exchanges Thursday (12 / 3) evening ended in a red zone, with the Stock Exchange, led by Tokyo, Japan.

After the rally yesterday,
Nikkei225 Japanese index closed down 2.41 percent or 177.87 points at 7198.25.

The other indexes were negative in the path of another, the index is corrected
Tertimbang Taiwan 0.11 per cent, and Singapore's Strait Times weakened 0.54 percent, the index Australia All Ordinaries down 0.27 percent, and China's Shanghai Composite Index decreased 0.24 percent .

While the
Hong Kong index Hangseng successfully risen to the green zone, with increased closed 0.59 percent or 70.87 points to be 12,001.53. Meanwhile, South Korea Kospi index rose only 0.08 percent thinner.

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