Thursday, March 12, 2009

There Are Allegations of "Insider Trading" Petrosea

Indonesia Stock Exchange appears to be starting point to find the light of alleged cases of Insider Trading stocks Petrosea Tbk PT (PTRO) and PT Indika Energy Tbk (Indy). Bei reviewed data on all transactions-stock shares or the broker it.

Director of Supervision Bei Justitia Tripurwasani in Jakarta on Thursday (12 / 3), said, see Bei gaffe on stock transactions PTRO began 12 February 2009. "What is very unusual (not normal) so that PTRO. This appears once in the previous period, it is rarely the transaction, is also a small volume, but starting February 12 appeared increased significantly," he said.

Justitia, said all the mechanisms or methods Bei done to investigate cases of Insider Trading, and especially to the broker examination who have an online transaction mechanism, and more than 10 in number. "Our methods various, but not to AB (member exchanges / brokers), which are large, which is always the indication of us. We will concern on the AB is online," he said.

He hopes the incident Insider trading does not happen again. For that Bei will soon resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Bei data from trade, other than Philip Securities Indonesia (KK) also recorded a number of the AB transaction PTRO purchase shares in the period 12 February to 14 February 2009, among other Overseas Securities (BM), Lautandhana Sekurindo (YJ), AAA Securities (YJ) , Danpac Securities (BQ), and Sekurindo Kresna Graha (KS).

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