Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smart Solutions for People with Diabetes Militus

Diabetics was still allowed to enjoy the delicious food such as roast, empal meat, boiled shrimp, pepes, sate, gold fish, and meat ball. But the need to remember, do not eat the markets. You must pay the portion of calories in order to understand the needs-how many calories the body is required to complete the work that you do-other than the sugar in the food must also be low.

Many people with diabetes manage confused eating patterns. They are too worried with the kind of sweet foods in many food-low-calorie sweet. How safe can do in people with diabetes to maintain the sugar remains low in the food is tasty
own cooking. Food is cooked in its own more awake and more secure.

At this posting gambar_hidup akan covered diabetes militus beradasarkan information obtained from various sources. Gambar_hidup akan discuss whether the diabetes, how the symptoms of diabetes, if diabetes drugs, and some important notes for diabetics miletus.

Diabetes Miletus and its development

Definition of Diabetes melitus issue is lack of body substance insulin, this is the sugar in the blood increases. Why? Because there is little or no substance insulin sugar does not cause the body can be absorbed. This resulted in the sugar in the blood becomes high.

Sugar level in blood will be removed through the urine. Thus urine diabetics milletus akan contain sugar, so often were ant. Next people will be easily tired, listless, weak, hungry and thirsty easily, often sleep, often dispose of urine, itch, itch, and so forth.

We already know a bit about diabetes miletus, nah next gambar_hidup akan give a little description about the development of the disease diabetes. Specialist in the hospital Dr. Oen Surakarta, Dr Djoko Hardiman, SpPDKEMD, such as quoted of daily SOLOPOS, said that the number of diabetics in Indonesia at this time has reached 13.7 million. In the year 2030 estimate diabetics will reach 20.1 million.

According to WHO, India ranks 4th in the number of people with Diabetes Mellitus in the world. In 2000 the course, there are around 5.6 million Indonesian people who contract diabetes.

However, in 2006 estimated the number of diabetics in India rose sharply to be 14 million people, where 50 percent of the new mengidapnya and aware of them new about 30 percent of the treatment came regularly.
Why diabetics miletus is increased? Of course many factors that can cause the occurrence of this disease. We will discuss this matter in more specific discussion of the causes of diabetes.

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