Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cindy Crawford confess' Fair Cool ' Bugil in Allure,

Cindy Crawford age has entered the head of four. But for the physical appearance supermodel / actress is never dull, always sexy.

cindy_crawford_allure_bugilAccording to Crawford himself look 'good middling' pose with bugil. Mother of two children are posing naked for Allure magazine. And he confessed with age, her body still looks cool.

"I look tolerable good for age 32 years. But I do not see that way while still aged 23 years," says this star.

Crawford appears in the April edition of this magazine, the U.S., to discuss the matter of anti-ageing - he also has confessed all. "I really do this (anti-ageing), and I never say no. I have two children and is now aged 43 years, so leave me alone!"

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