Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video Bugil Rahma Azhari Section of Promo Film

Video Rahma Azhari be open shirt 7 seconds circulating early last yesterday that the latest film is a piece Rahma, Pocong The Room.

video_rahma_azhari_bugiIn the film the impression of Monday, the period film that looks exactly the video be seven seconds that was published on the site Youtube. However, that does not look at Youtube, it appears in the movie. Ie there is a man of action berkacamata record Rahma open the shirt.

Men that record secretly from behind the hole in the wall of a room Rahma. hole is closed because a poster on the wall swing.

Video Rahma open shirt was made busy. The identity of the person who posted on Youtube is Sisiliano78.

The owner of the identity of this unknown new join in Youtube Monday, May 18. After the membership has, he immediately posted the two videos. Both are equally entitled 'Rahma Azhari Bugil More'. The first has a duration of 3 seconds and the second be 7 seconds. Both were posted Monday.

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