Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dewi Perssik

It appears that enmity between pedangdut controversial Dewi Perssik with former manajer, Asep Komarudin, growing old. The legal team power Dewi Perssik resign. The trial should take place on Tuesday (19/05) today finally two weeks to 2 June.

"The agenda this day is still a witness of the Goddess. But it was Mr. Hakim said Dewi lawyers pull out. Automatically Dewi So not represented. Later that already have the power law successor, the new council will be done," said Unarta, Asep power law.

Unarta own just alone in there, Asep no visible nose stem, especially Perssik Dewi. Actually Sisca, Dewi manager, had come to the PN Jakut that day only to letters which included the letter of resignation that the team lawyer Dewi vessel with a lawyer in the Asep PERADI.

About the resignation DP lawyer himself, does not claim to have Unarta conspiracy in back. "Yes indeed he said that I heard our children accused. This fact, we in the lawyers if we are outside the council. But when the trial is in our search for truth. So that is impossible if we said children. We take a professional work," said Unarta.

And finally how this case enmity? "from the beginning I already say that Dewi apologize to the public, the case is finished. But because snobbism Dewi,".

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