Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miranda Kerr Bugil To Rolling Stone

Origin Aussie Supermodel, Miranda Kerr, willing to appear without sehelai benangpun while dirantai tree in order to cover a Rolling Stone magazine, special edition green living.

Inamorato handsome actor Orlando Bloom who is aged 26 years also participated actively in the campaign No Tree, No Me dicetuskan by the Koala Foundation.

"This is sad. Only 100,000 live koalas remaining in Australia," he said in the magazine as quoted by Just Jared.

"Approximately 80% koala habitat has been destroyed since the European continent came in Australia," he added.

Bugil about the courage to cover in the magazine, Miranda claim to feel very powerful.

"This is very unusual. It's really something that can be very great as the cover model. Rolling Stone is a magazine that became the icon. You know a song that liriknya, 'On the cover of the Rolling Stone' Very cool! And I am happy to be part of it, "she said.

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