Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Photo of Bruce Willis in Magazine 'W'

Actor, Bruce Willis, will soon make a surprise coming in July. Emma Heming and Bruce, his wife, will appear in a series of photographs of hot fashion magazine in the United States publication, 'W'. He was not even timid seksual reveal life with this new pair.

Actor who is now aged 54 years was recently married Emma Heming, a model and actress home UK in March ago and now they agree to appear and the bugil 'provocative' for the famous fashion magazine. It is reported that the photographs and some futuristic themed shows this pair be naked chest.

Bruce also had a say in the magazine that he now feels happier after ten years of life from single post-Demi Moore in 2000. "I spent ten years living with a single, and often times I feel unhappy. Then I met Emma, and now my life is so happy," he said as quoted from FemaleFirst.

Since part of Demi Moore, Bruce was involved in the love affair with Maria Bravo Rosado and Emily Sandberg and almost even with the promise binding Brooke Burns but unfortunately no one from this woman who came to meriage.

Bruce Willis flooded Order

In 2009 this could be a year fortune Bruce Willis. How not, until now only the actors aged 54 years this has been associated with several film projects. After the headline is a couple of dicks, there are three more films that have been offered on this gaek actors.

The first film is entitled RED. Movies akan Summit Entertainment produced this about a former CIA agent who had to fight back when he and girlfriend threatened killed by a paid assassin. This film adapted from the DC comics / Wildstorm.

The second is inventory. In the film have NuImage / Millennium Willis kebagian this role as a police attempt to track a murderer, a story that is familiar with the Bruce Willis figure. And the last is a film titled SCARPA about an FBI agent to infiltrate the network in the New York Mafia.

Empire predicted that Willis will choose between RED and inventory while SCARPA akan can be trusted on other actors.

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