Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paris Hilton Reporter in the House, Show Photo Bugil

Paris Hilton finally opened her home in Hollywood, and the photos bugil. She also exhibit a collection the gym and even a place shoes so big.

Sosialita this move to new home 18 months ago and he change the order of 'boring' and 'full' so the dream of home.

Before departure to Dubai for the event syuting new Hilton invites incoming Access Hollywood enter the house.

Hilton showed four pictures of Marilyn Monroe in the rooms depends. There are also photos naked own sitting in the Hummer (the car) with a dog, Tinkerbell sitting between legs. Hilton is proud to say, "That's me in a Hammer with Tinkerbell, naked."

Paris Hilton Only Make friends with Cristiano Ronaldo

Rumor is that his girlfriend Paris Hilton finds new, Cristiano Ronaldo sosialita be debated by this. Paris mentions this famous ball only as a friend.

Weeks ago, photographs of Paris and Cristiano that are spread in the media. However, responding to this, Paris said, "We just are."

Photographs launched TMZ, shows Paris and Cristiano visible in a luxurious club in LA, MyHouse. From the cited source says that the media is both and smooch the night away.

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