Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Log In prison, Krisna Mukti Pause Marriage

Artists Krisna Mukti entered to prison by Attorney General Affairs (Kejari) Kendari penadah as a suspected embezzlement of money. Not only the independence terenggut, Krisna also delaying marriage.

"The plan we wed November, but with this I can no longer ngomong deh, we may pause" said Christie Chasslam, Krisna girlfriend when found in Harapan Kita Hospital, Jl S. Parman, Jakarta Barat.

Christie said that himself and Krisna are already planning the wedding. Christie also ensure that words are not mere hogwash.

"We like the phone, good message, cuman cincinnya we can not," augment him.

Christie also did not want to take a headache with a gay gossip Krisna. Christie believes that Krisna is a normal man.

"I always support and believe in him"

Krisna Mukti arrested, girlfriend Pain Management

Detention of Krisna Mukti, make cash girlfriend, Christie Chasslam shock and sad. Krisna arrested before, Christie had also fallen ill.

"Yesterday I had a health drop. Two days ago, I am new out of the hospital. Trombosit I came down," said Christie is found in the Heart Hospital Harapan Kita, Jalan S Parman Kav Letjen 87, Slipi, West Jakarta, Wednesday (1 / 7 / 2009).

During this time, I Christie, the ad stars dish soap was never told of alleged cases of fraud. Christie still provide support for the man who digosipkan penyuka fellow men that.

"I believe him 100 percent. I know he is not guilty. Perhaps this scenario and the way of God. If it is health I was quite mild, I am direct to Kendari," tutupnya.

Krisna put up fencing and embezzlement cases. Krisna are given money by the Yoyon been used as Krisna boyfriend, as much as Rp100 million. Appeared to be decreased after the blackout on the conduct Yoyon company. That money is flowing to the bank account of Krisna.

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