Sunday, July 5, 2009

Victoria David Beckham, posing With Underwear

Intimate photographs of David Beckham and his wife, Victoria circulating. In pose, they only put on underwear section. Wow! victoria_david_bechkam_underwear

Do not be a first meeting! Photographs of the outstanding private collection of images is not both. Pose David and Victoria's latest ad for lingerie fashion house Armani.

Pose this is not the first time carried out by the husband's wife. both have some intimate time with the lingerie posing for the famous fashion house.

In pose Victoria and David visible seduce. David is only introduce it in the shorts, lying supine. Meanwhile, Victoria, as it were, with the middle lie on top of it. Women are also familiar as Posh was only put on a pair of black lingerie.

In the photographs of black and white, the form of the body both look perfect. Their appearance in the photo was made different. Victoria appear to make up the thick smokey eyes. While the style of David appear visible to the ancient order that the hair be combed to the side.

Photo Semi Installed Bugil David Beckham in London

beckham_semi_nudeNo shame-faced stars leading English football, David Bechkam (34), unveil a poster which covered superstore Selfridges building, which is located not far from the embassy London.

In the middle of the throng of middle-thatch ago in the shopping center at the Oxford Street, David launched a publicity board of 25 meters that show the former national team captain English football is only the trousers in any posts with Emporio Armani.

David came with his wife, who, Victoria, launched the ad in the autumn trousers Emporio Armani underwear black and white that cover three quarters of the front of the store frequently visited mothers London to drink coffee.

As many as 270 customers who bought the first three pairs of Emporio Armani brand trousers that, have the opportunity to meet with the stars.

To the London evening newspaper, Evening Standard, David, said he enjoyed the launch of the event just he does not know that the image displayed in the ad shows him be naked chest and use only in shorts.

"I do not know which photo is displayed and when I open the jacket, also a bit shameful," I honestly.

David said that he does not do a special diet for the picture. Bearer event Gabby Logan introduces the stars of football, his congratulations on the victory Timnas UK with a score 6 - 0 up Andora. "Congratulation! Its brilliant," he said.

David acknowledges that it is a great victory. He also conveyed thanks to the fans, even if the strike happens railwayman, but come watch the game.

David said, many jobs that have not been completed. The team still has a great spirit. "Many shows and togetherness in the field," he said.

David's wife, Victoria, recently has also follow her husband in conducting a campaign for Armani underwear.

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