Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Right Food For Sexual Affairs

Dream to unify eat while enjoying the sex that can not be recognized to be something that has long wanted to be done by many couples. The problem is, food which is suitable for most sex affairs bed like this? The food is not eaten as a stimulant but is also involved as a kind of 'toy' that support the sexual activity?

Sometimes we think that the honeymoon will be a food that is suitable for most business activities to play with food in bed, but have you thought at the time that the dream run is completed, the honey sweet, sticky and difficult to be cleaned from the body, especially from the mattress? Moreover, the sticky cream in the body and can be sticky everywhere, especially in the mattress and seprai.

Now, select one of your food and even cause the accident, try to see your list of foods that go in to secure business for food and bed down in this

1. Champagne
Sweet, frothy drink is not haphazard. Try to pour in the body of each lap, and clean up. But beware, lest wet your mattress! If you are ready, try champagne and after that there is cold, try a little patch in the mouth, and when you explore her body with the tongue, sensation of cold will make your more ticklish, but remember, do not try to crawl to the cold men, because it can fall apart!

2. Mint Candy
This will make chewing feel cold, and the semriwing perfect for oral sex affairs. Make sure you play the cold- candy in your mouth around, and once finished, do not hesitate to go right down there and perform oral sex. You can even use chewing earlier to stimulate the most sensitive point in the body of a woman! But remember, sometimes some candy mint akan feel very strong and can even cause pain. Important that careful ya!

3. Brown sauce
Chocolate sauce is always a favorite fantasy. But I just do not enjoy, try to take brush, and draw a map in your body, let your partner to follow the path you create and do not forget, a path that fit, so you will enjoy the journey your tongue! In this way, you will avoid the chocolate sauce before and sticky to spill everywhere, that's clear, you must ensure that your body does not roll

4. Fresh, succulent fruit
Not chewing gum, use a sweet fruit such as orange, strawberry, peach or watermelon (small pieces first). Take a piece and play the fruit in this sensitive, especially in the lips. Lick the sweet fruit will improve the sensitivity and Libido tongue. Remember, do not to have a sticky liquid! Because this will make everything so disorganized!

5. Hot and Cold Water
Take turns hot and cold temperatures will warm many things and often make addiction. At the time of receiving or giving oral sex, do not hesitate to turn to enter the water or warm ice in the mouth. You will give and receive the incredible sensation! Do not hesitate to play ice-sensitive point in your body! Experience the excitement is extraordinary!

6. Ice Popsicle
Know the ice like this? The combination of ice and fruit: sweet, cool and fresh, akan create extraordinary sensation! Make sure you do not play carelessly with this sweet, ice, because the sensation is followed by the consequences that may disrupt the bacteria. So use ice to make a map like chocolate sauce, or create a sensation with a distinctive tongue and mouth, the cold!

7. Vegetables
Carrot Mentimun and can also act as' toys', but you should be extra careful, make sure the vegetables you wash and clean up really clean, so clean of pesticides. If you use this toy, make sure that extra caution, look for the rest of the 'toys' just now because of a broken akan does not make sense of comfort and can even make you and your partner must flee to the hospital and treated in intensive!

Do not do:
1. Do not use food as spicy chili, the risk of illness can have fun at all lho!
2. Do not leave foods such as sugar is too close to the genitals, as they sometimes will create a storehouse of bacteria result in severe
3. Never use food to make one of your allergies!
4. Do not fall asleep until the rest of the food still in the body or in your mouth!

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