Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women's Masturbasi, Why Not?

Times of yore, women mostly always taboo to discuss various issues related to sex. In fact we know from some research, proved that women have a sexual appetite or encouragement, the two-fold greater than men. Only a woman can always control your appetite and keep it.

Unlike the men, men can wreak seks appetite whenever and wherever. If they do not have a pair, they can perform activities pemuasan birahinya with masturbasi, or more often called masturbation. Then, how about the women? Do women also do masturbasi?

Because women can always cover the lust and desire seks, a few percent of women always feel taboo to share experiences about life seks. However, not infrequently also the women share with a few close female friends, and share issues about sex, whether performed with the paired or solo sex or do masturbasi.

How do women masturbasi?

Women have some sensitive point that is sensitive to sexual excitement. The first is the clitoris (clitoris), which in this case is the part which is very sensitive. The tip of the clitoris is located in the top of the vulva (vagina), right on the lips in between (labium minora) and outside the vagina lip (labium mayora).

And when the woman received a sexual stimulus, it is important that the relatively small size will increase and become tense, as well as male genitalia. So that the clitoris is often referred to as a miniature male genitals, in the female body. In addition, women are also very sensitive sexual excitement at the fruit stalk chest.

Women can feel orgasme or climax with the stimulus directly or indirectly on kelentit. The most frequently made by women to stimulate kelentit is a way kelentit scrub-scrub with fingers or with the help of a tool.

How do I do, it's up to women to do so. Can polish, press, wring even touch. To have felt more favors, the women who usually masturbasi damp fingers with liquid or genitalia with saliva, thereby making the clitoris slippery and easy to play. Meanwhile, the women can also twist the fruit-stalk milin chest while other hand kelentit play.

This activity should be conducted in places of quiet, where the women can do masturbasi a convenient and free expression of imagination and seks will quickly reach the climax or peak of sexual satisfaction.

How do women achieve orgasme?

Orgasme can be described as feeling satisfied will enjoyment of sex and sexual excitement is usually the women akan convulse because many times when all orgasme will muscle strain. Omen if a woman is orgasme will experience, clitoris, genitalia, anus and the hole will tighten, and after the clitoris will feel very sensitive to make sense of the unbearable tingling.

But there are also some women who do masturbasi immediately after orgasme, to reach the orgasme next to be repeated. Leave out all the emotions at the time orgasme, so women who want to satisfy seksnya can feel very rileks and feel more calm.

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