Monday, August 3, 2009

Nafa Urbach So habitue Drugs

If most people steer clear of drugs because of the danger incurred, another case with what the Nafa Urbach. Singer German descent even choose to be this habitue goods is forbidden. But whoa, the incident is not going in the lives of fact. But only in the newest video clip.

Video clips that will plan released this August, entitled Cinta Abadi, taken directly from the latest album Nafa property. Meanwhile, for the location syuting own had moved around the area in Kemang, South Jakarta.

With veteran director Richard Buntario's home production Broadcast Design Indonesia (BDI), story line video clips about a loyalty inamorato (by Keith Foo) to love, even though girls fall to the drug.

However, owing to the strength of love and loyalty that make Nafa tersadar, although it had previously been treated in a hospital after experiencing drug dependence over dose. And fortunately all ended with a happy ending with the return of the soul blessing Nafa 'eternal love' from the beloved.

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